Pensamento criativo e conhecimento de mercado.


The department of Communication and Public Relations develops and executes personalized communication and public relation projects accordingly to the profile of each product or concept, to assure the brand reputation and notoriety.

To ensure strategic positioning at the reference media and to enrich the brand image to the public and the consumer, we grant our clients a tailor-made service based on promotion and interconnection of the brand, ensuring a privileged relationship and constant networking in the areas of fashion, cinema, television, art, music, as well as institutional areas related to lifestyle.


The experience of concepts and images depends on a memorable impact and that is why we invest in creativity and originality. We want our client message not to be reduced to simple phrases, therefore we help to design and create events, that once celebrated by the public will turn into joyful and long-lasting memories.


Showpress aims to place brands and generate notoriety through a careful selection of guests, working with a database connected to direct contacts from opinion leaders (in different areas), celebrities, influencers, and the press.


We have a team responsible for the selection, coordination, and maintenance of the exhibited collections. Our showroom has as main objective to promote and make accessible the collections to all professionals in the area, involved in the communication of brands - press, stylists, celebrity agents, influencers, etc.